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Stacked Firewood

Stacked Firewood

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Our stacked firewood includes everything you need for amazing fireside experiences. Bundle includes:

  • Standard-cut firewood
  • Mixed hardwoods including oak, locust, ash, and hickory.
  • Less than 20% moisture
  • 4" long matches
  • Kindling
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Our Firewood

Our native premium firewood stock is a direct product of local tree removal services. Seasoned via natural air-dry method for a minimum of 9 months to 1 year, and measures an internal moisture content of 20% or less, for a stronger longer burn.

  • Free Delivery

    Our firewood is professionally delivered in bundles or neatly stacked on wooden pallets. For bulk deliveries, firewood will be neatly dropped on your driveway.

  • Ready To Light

    Our premium mixed hardwoods are seasoned and split and includes everything you need for amazing fireside experiences including long matches and kindling.